Monday, January 4, 2010

Behind the facade

The Castle Rock loop is a 9 mile hike that takes you to a plateau up across a mountain range and down along the sea ice. This is one of 2 authorized trails that you must travel in a group and with a radio due to its remoteness and Antarctica's unpredictable weather. Like all trails, vehicle or pedestrian you must follow the line of flags in order to find your way.

Although it is warm outside, the wind makes its appearance and becomes so forceful that even the sun hides from its wrath. The apple, an emergency rest stop with supplies becomes a changing room for us to layer up.

Soon there is nothing to see except my own feet pressing forward as my head is tilted down to ease the force of the wind. White out.

Many elements in life may not always be what it seems. A warm summer day, or freshly picked fruit may not be as appealing and tasty once you take in its warmth or bite. And so when you are fooled by nature's charm go ahead and make snow angels.

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