Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Black Ice vs. Mt. Terror.. it's RUGBY!

New Zealand, the World Champions, both here on The Ice, and literally the world challenge McMurdo Station USA. The teams out on the pitch (field) as the National anthem plays.

In traditional Maori style the Black Ice perform a version of Haka in an attempt to intimidate our team before the match.

The Kiwis press forward into our Try Zone with a fierce kick as our team gets ready to catch the ball and run it out!

That's castle rock in the back.

The teams huddle together forming a scrum. Kind of like the line of scrimmage in football (American) when restarting a play. 8 players from each team interlock and those in the center use their feet to control and move the ball to their advantage.

Apparently though, the World Champs are not only undefeated in Antarctica, but have never let the ball pass their hands to allow a score. And this year was no different. We lost. Again. 28 - 0. But kudos to our team, Mt. Terror keeping the game scoreless until minutes before the first half ending.

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