Sunday, January 17, 2010

Cargo Handler for a Day

There are many ways to spend your days off. I was getting restless Wednesday and thought that it would be a good idea to work the afternoon as a cargo handler. We drove out to the airfield to meet the C-17 arriving from Christchurch, NZ. This is a big deal, as we get only 3 flights a week from the outside world, and with it comes needed cargo, like fresh food.

The cargo Delta truck. A cumbersome and loud vehicle. The tires are almost as tall as me, well, I guess that doesn't say much. So in order to tie down the cargo pallets I had to climb the tires and tighten with strength I didn't know I had. Nor did my forearms because they were sore for the following 2 days.

and now the best part, the hour plus drive back to town. Even in the best road conditions it is pretty bumpy ride on the Ross Ice Shelf. Good thing the roof inside is cushioned!

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